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General Intelligences is a nonprofit organization cultivating an understanding of how to navigate the “hidden curriculum”, providing free & high quality resources for developing important adult life skills and building students’ social capital. Together we help young adults from historically underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds achieve professional and academic success along with a sense of community.

Our Impact

13,000+ Students Directly Helped

250+ Articles Written

70+ Countries Reached

50+ Community Partners

How We Do It

Webinars &

Webinars: Consist of 1-4 professionals in a given field for 1 hour with an included Q&A session, contact information, and a recording of the session to view again. Past sessions include:
*Nobel Prize Recipients
*Yale Law Students

Workshops: Hosted by Gen Intel staff these cover topics such as:
*Side Hustles
*Resume Guidance
*Utilizing Linkedin
*Credit Card 101

Mentorship Capstone Program

You can get involved today by signing up for our Fall or Winter cohort. Each program runs for 8 weeks and you will be placed in groups of 4-5 students from the US and more than 10 different countries. The program culminates in a 25 minute research project presentation.

*The Fall Cohort Theme is: Educational Inequality
*The Winter Cohort Theme is: Cultural Competimility


*Journal Club: A 5-week experience with weekly cohort wide reflections on papers focused on intersectionality.

*Articles: The Gen Intel staff posts weekly articles centering on different monthly themes.

*Research Journal: Gen Intel is home to a peer-reviewed, open-access research journal aimed at advancing research relating to the experience and struggles of marginalized students.

What People Say

I stumbled across General Intelligences on instagram and read the articles on your website. They are so well-done that I had a clear idea on complex and simple topics relating to my transfer journey and adapting to college…There weren’t as many resources at my CC that I think could have prepared me as much as these resources on the website. I can’t thank this organization enough!

Ahmed M.

Thank you so much General Intelligences! I learned how to make my scholarship application stand out and also received the encouragement and structure on how to start my own project. This is a great atmosphere to learn and grow online with fellow students who I can call my friends. I’m very excited to matriculate to my dream school in the fall and have a better idea of how to go about finding resources and support on campus as a first-generation student thanks to advice from the team.

Olivia C.


Make Common Sense More Common with General Intelligences

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