The #virtualcollegetour series was created as a way to help students, virtually, visit the schools they will be matriculating to in the fall. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols graduating seniors around the country will not be able to take campus tours before starting classes. In the future, this series will also be beneficial for students that do not have the means to travel for college visits given all the other costs of the college application process. If you plan on attending Duke University- congrats on your acceptance!

Stop #1: Baldwin Auditorium
If you’re interesting in watching or participating in the performing arts this will be a great place for you on campus. This building was built in 1927 and is a core venue for a lot of different events and productions on campus.

Stop #2: Duke Chapel
One of the most iconic buildings on campus is the Duke Chapel. The chapel is 210 feet tall and sits at the center of West Campus. It is a great architectural piece on campus and is featured in a lot of promotional material for the university.

Stop #3: Perkins Library
This is one of several libraries on campus. Duke has an amazing collection of digital and special collections as well as physical book copies. In fact, it’s ranked in the Top 10 Private Research Libraries.

Stop #4: Fitzpatrick Center
Research is a big part of Duke University and if students wanted to get involved on campus there are a lot of interdisciplinary opportunities available. It’s over 300,000 square feet with plenty of space for the various amazing projects to be taking place.

Stop #5: Cameron Indoor Stadium
This is an iconic stadium for basketball fans and seats around 9,000 fans in the stadium. Sports are a great way to get invested into the spirit on campus.

Stop #6: Pratt School of Engineering
This is one of Duke’s undergraduate colleges and provides great opportunities for students interested in engineering. It has spaces like The Foundry, a maker space, the DiVE, an immersive virtual environment, and other spaces as well. Duke engineers are able to double major or minor or receive a certificate in the Trinity College of Arts and Science. There is a lot of emphasis here on cutting-edge research and an interdisciplinary approach.

Stop #7: Student Wellness Center
This is located near the Campus center and was recently finished. It is a 70,000 square foot university and allows students to have access to medical services, nutritionists, a meditation garden and Counseling and Psychological Services. Like other campuses Duke also has a “Blue Light System” with stations and phones around campus so that students can feel safe walking at any time. Furthermore, the Live Safe app can be downloaded and that connects directly to the Duke Police.

Stop #8: East, Central West Campus Residential Housing
Students typically live on East Campus for their first year and then live in traditional residence halls on West Campus or on-campus apartments on Central Campus. Students can join living/learning communities and selective living groups. All students live on campus for a minimum of three years and they have guaranteed on-campus housing for all four years.

Stop #9: Rubinstein Arts Center “The Ruby”
This is an amazing facility on campus and features dance studios, classrooms, a gallery, project studios, a black box theater, and our radio station. There’s a lot of ways to incorporate the arts regardless of what your major is. This center also has partnerships with the American Ballet Theater and the American Dance Festival.


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