The #virtualcollegetour series was created as a way to help students, virtually, visit the schools they will be matriculating to in the fall. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols graduating seniors around the country will not be able to take campus tours before starting classes. In the future, this series will also be beneficial for students that do not have the means to travel for college visits given all the other costs of the college application process. If you plan on attending Northwestern congratulations on your acceptance to a top school.

Stop #1: Weber Arch
It symbolizes a path to excellence and the first year class is led into campus under the arch each year. Likewise the graduating seniors do the same as they end their Northwestern University journey.

Stop #2: University Hall
This is the oldest building on campus. Northwestern has a long and rich history and was founded in 1851. Today, the programs and course offerings have vastly expanded. If you have an interest, there is a major for it at Northwestern!

Stop #3: Residential Housing
There are 27 residence halls at Northwestern. These halls can serve as a microcosm of various different communities. Many of the themed living communities are a great way to meet like-minded individuals while on campus. A lot of people make some of their first college friends from their residence hall. If you want to take on more of a leadership role then consider joining the executive board of one of the themed residential communities. That will enable you to play a role in creating and holding new events.

Stop #4: The Rock
As with many schools, Northwestern is full of school tradition. One such tradition is to paint “The Rock.” The “Rock” is under constant observation by a webcam and students can earn the right to paint it after guarding it for 24 hours. It’s a great way for student organizations on campus to have their members bond.

Stop #5: Deering Library and Main Library
Deering is one of the three libraries located on Northwestern’s campus. It gives off Hogwarts vibes because the design was modeled after King’s College Chapel. It has a vast variety of books and special collections. The Main Library is open 24 hours a day during finals week so that students are able to study.

Stop #6: Norris University Center
Like many campuses, Northwestern would not be complete without a bustling center of activity. The Norris Student Center houses recreational, cultural, educational and social opportunities. It is a meeting spot with coffee shops, classes an art gallery, study spaces and most importantly lake views!

Stop #7: The Arts Circle
Northwestern has a vast alumni network. Furthermore, many alumni have gone on to win prestigious awards in the arts as well as working on major TV networks. For example, Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to name a few. The buildings on campus are absolutely gorgeous and has a lot of resources for students to utilize. Furthermore, there are performances open to all students regardless of their major including the WAA MU show which is one of the nation’s largest student written musicals.

Stop #8: Ford Design Center
The Ford Design Center is a way to get an idea translated into an actual piece of technology. A notable example is the Jerry the Bear which teaches children how to take care of themselves. There have been a lot of amazing projects launched out of the Ford Design Center. All it takes is an idea and some drive to make it work! It’s also linked to the “The Tech” and it is a really large university building. In fact, it is really easy to get lost in the building. The “Tech Institute” also is considered a “divider” between the North and South campuses.

Stop #9: Shakespeare Garden
If you like the outdoors this is a great place to be on campus. It’s over 100 years old and is home to more than 50 different flowers and shrubs. It is a great space to think, and relax. It is also absolutely beautiful and who knows maybe it’ll inspire the next best literary works the world has ever seen. 🙂

Stop #10: Sports Pavilion and Aquatic Center
There are absolutely amazing facilities on campus for anyone that wants to work out. Students just need to swipe their student IDs to access the facilities. There’s an Olympic sized swimming pool, a track and multiple courts for a variety of different sports. If you want to form more of a community, then join one of the intramural sports teams!

Stop #11: Kellogg Global Hub
First of all, this building architecturally is just absolutely stunning. If you are interested in any sort of study abroad programs then Northwestern has a lot of opportunities available for its students to participate in these programs in a variety of countries.

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