Podcasts are a great way to get information, especially for those of us that are auditory learners! Here are a few amazing podcasts that are geared towards pre-med and medical students and cover a variety of pertinent topics including GPA, MCAT, the application process and more. In no particular order here are some recommendations:

1.Talking Admissions and the Med Student Life w/Dr. Benjamin Chan
Self- Description: The ultimate resource to guide you on your journey to and through medical school. Get the inside scoop from pre-med advisors, physicians, faculty, alumni, and current medical students about all areas of medical school. Topics will range from tips to getting admitted (and having your application stand out), to familiarizing yourself with the culture of medical student life, and finally how to prepare for a residency and the Match. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Chan, Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, ‘Talking Admissions and Med Student Life’ brings valuable information to anyone thinking about a career in medicine whether you’re in high school, pre-med or already a medical student. The views and opinions expressed in these podcasts are solely those of the participants, and in no way reflects those of the UUSOM.

2. The Short Coat Podcast: University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine
Self-Description: An honest guide to the amazing and intense world of medical school.

3.Pre-Med Mondays
Self-Description: Start every week with the same mentorship that has helped countless premeds gain admission to medical school. Dr. Dale is the co-founder of PreMedSTAR.com, the author of How to Raise a Doctor, and the author of PreMed Mondays. Every Monday, he releases a new mentorship podcast on a specific topic to get premeds ready to take on the week! 

4.The Total Pre-Med Makeover w/ Dr. Renee Darko
Self-Description: Getting into medical school with low grades, low MCAT scores, and low confidence is a challenge! Dr. Renee Volny Darko helps guide your transformation from “not-so-perfect” pre-med into medical schools’ next top choice applicant! This is not just another pre-med podcast. We’re breaking down the walls beyond grades and MCAT scores… renovating life’s trials and tribulations into triumphs! If you’re ready to pull back the curtain and reveal the success within you, then it’s time for a Total Pre-med Makeover!

5.The Premed Consultants Podcast w/ Adam Nessim
Self-Description: The Premed Consultants Podcast, hosted by Adam Nessim, helps pre-medical students through their academic journey. We cover all things pre-med and also give some insight into the life of medical students, residents, attending physicians, and other healthcare professional.

6. Your Pursuit of Excellence (POP)
Self-Description: Welcome to YourPOP, the Your Pursuit of Purpose podcast. This is a platform for underrepresented and underprivileged to speak on their successes, excellence, and overcoming adversity.

7. The Prospective Doctor by Med School Coach
Self-Description: The ProspectiveDoctor Podcast provides essential information for applicants to medical school and those already in medical school. Featuring physicians with admissions committee experience, our shows will share important tips, strategies, and experiences to help you succeed in the process of becoming a doctor. In addition, our guest speakers will provide their own insight into different medical specialties and the process of applying to specific residencies.

8. Medicus
Self-Description: If you’re a healthcare professional, student, or just someone interested in the many facets of medicine, you’ve come to the right place! We are a team of medical students discussing a broad range of topics with peers, residents, physicians, researchers, administrators, and allied health professionals. You’ll hear about hot topics in medicine, practical advice, success strategies, research, and much more. Look for a new episode each Friday!

9.All Access: Medical School Admissions Podcast by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Self-Description: Applying to medical school can be a very complex and confusing process! On top of that, finding reliable and accurate information about the application process can be even more challenging. With nearly 15 years of admissions experience, Christian Essman of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, gives the listener a unique view into the medical school admissions world through a series of revealing interviews with key admissions figures from around the country. All Access: Med School Admissions brings the listeners into informative and entertaining conversations between admissions colleagues. Listeners will learn about a variety of medical schools, what makes their programs unique, and what they are looking for in their prospective students. Most importantly, Christian will lead the discussion on a variety of medical school admissions-related topics where you will get insight directly from the most authoritative sources out there – his admissions friends.

10. Mini Medical School for the Public
Self-Description: UCSF’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine presents Mini Medical School for the Public, a series of programs providing an opportunity to learn about health and the health sciences directly from UCSF faculty members and other nationally-recognized experts.

11. Old PreMeds Podcast by Dr. Ryan Gray
Self-Description: The National Society for Nontraditional Premedical & Medical Students, Inc., better known by our website name, OldPreMeds.org or simply OPM, is a professional/pre-professional society and educational conduit for non-traditional students who seek to become physicians. For those whose path to medicine is not the traditional path of high school to college to medical school, OPM’s mission is to assist and advise on how to successfully prepare, apply, and succeed in both medical schools and residency training programs.

12.Talking Admissions and Med Student Life from the University of Utah
Self-Description: The ultimate resource to guide you on your journey to and through medical school. Get the inside scoop from pre-med advisors, physicians, faculty, alumni, and current medical students about all areas of medical school. Topics will range from tips to getting admitted (and having your application stand out), to familiarizing yourself with the culture of medical student life, and finally how to prepare for a residency and the Match.

13. Dear Premed by Mary Tate, MS4 Harvard Medical School
Self-Description: Every month, Mary invites a physician or physician-in-training to join her on the show to get past their CV and talk about their journey to medicine, especially the bumps along the road. They each share a letter they have written to their premed self. You also don’t want to miss her answers to your questions about all things premed and a medical minute on health in the news.

14.Academic Medicine Podcast by the editors of Academic Medicine
Self-Description: Meet medical students and residents, clinicians and educators, health care thought leaders and researchers in this podcast from the journal Academic Medicine. Episodes chronicle the stories of individuals as they experience the science and the art of medicine. Guests delve deeper into the issues shaping medical schools and teaching hospitals today.

15. The Pre-Med Years by Dr. Ryan Grey
Self-Description: If you’re struggling on your premed journey, trying to figure out the best way to study for the MCAT, or trying to understand how to best apply to medical school, the award-nominated podcast, The Premed Years, has you covered. From interviews with Admissions Committee members and directors to inspirational stories from those who have gone before you, The Premed Years is like having a premed advisor in your pocket. Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or anywhere else you listen to music or podcasts so you don’t miss an episode. It’s free. Every week. Don’t forget to watch us on YouTube, or follow us on Instagram too! We’re medicalschoolhq everywhere!