There are so many changes a first year student goes through. You’re moving away from your parents and into a dorm or house. You are in charge! But, it is important to remain connected to campus life and to stay relevant to resources given. Whether you’re a pre-medical student, business student or any other major, participating in organizations or volunteering during your college career is of utmost importance.

Now, you might be thinking where do you even find organizations to join? And there are so many, how do I know which one is right for me or if I will even like it? They are easier to find than you think! Walk around campus and just look around. Texas Tech University, the school I go to, there are bulletins everywhere. Since I am a pre-med, I spend a lot of time in the Biology or Chemistry buildings. The bulletins around those buildings have so many opportunities that are specific to those classes.

Talk with your advisor if you can not find anything on bulletins or on campus. They have so much knowledge on organizations on campus and would not hesitate to help you out. Research online what you can do around the community too. It never hurts to have options!

My advice to you if to keep your eyes open and keep your mind open. What might sound like something you would never do could potentially be the best thing in your life! Step out of your comfort zone. My most important tip to you is to get involved because it is an experience that will stay with you forever!