Obviously, college and life (in general) is an expensive process, however, there are a surprisingly high number of ways to get money that are not illegal and don’t require much on your part either. While I’m not familiar with and nor do I endorse specific apps or websites, I think some of them are worth checking out and trying. Before downloading an app, make sure that you know what is expected from your end and whether that seems fair to you. Some apps might track your search history or other aspects so make sure you are comfortable with giving up that information.

1.Participate in Research Studies

There are a lot of apps for this, but there are also opportunities on your own campus as well! I know that some of the studies require more time because you have to go in person, but you can get anywhere from $20 to upwards of hundreds depending on the study requirements.

2. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

With this opportunity you register your devices and earn rewards as the company tracks your history and device usage to analyze trends. Social media apps already track your information to tailor ads, so might as well get paid for analysis of trends. The company also claims to keep your data anonymous and won’t hold onto passwords and sensitive information.

3. Referral Programs

In many cases the referral programs offer a cash amount to you for each person referred in addition to a bonus for the person that joins. Therefore, it is a win-win situation and one that you and a group of friends can use to your advantage.

4. Cash Back

Refer to our previous article on credit cards for students and the rewards that they offer. Keep track of your rewards at different stores and any cash back that you receive as well. If you keep track of this you can learn how to maximize how much you earn.

5. Class Action Lawsuits

This is not encouraging you to join a class action lawsuit just for the money! I want to make clear that you should only join if you were actually impacted. You can visit websites like this to see what lawsuits are currently ongoing and determine if you are affected by any of them. You’d be surprised, but an example of one of them is Chipotle misleading labeling their food as non-GMO between 2015-2016 so you’d be eligible for money back if you had purchased food from them during that time period.

6. Free Lance

There are a couple of websites like Fiverr where you can offer your design or other talents and get paid in return. Furthermore, if you write articles you can sometimes get paid as well. These are good ways to both network, work on your resume and earn money. Make sure to receive your money by having an up-front deposit. A lot of commissioned or free-lance work is done and then people “forget” to pay.