When it comes to taking classes in college, your professional relationship with your professor, teaching assistants or anyone else in charge is of utmost importance. Let’s be honest, some things are just downright confusing and need clarification, and there is nothing wrong with that! Especially in modern times with everything online, you might need to send a couple emails to fully understand a concept.

When your back to in-person classes, introduce yourself to them on the first or second day of class. Whether it is a class of 300 or a class of 15 people, introducing yourself and letting them see your face is a great way to start the semester. I can guarantee it will also make you feel a bit more comfortable in the classroom setting once you get to know who you will be listening to in class however many times a week.

Understand that while you are looking and listening to your professor, they are looking at you too! They’re scanning the room and trying to feel out the students, so make sure you maintain interest.

If you have a question during your lecture, raise your hand if you feel comfortable. However, if you’re like me, I like to write my questions down in my notebook and go up to the professor after class. Whichever you prefer, it is up to how you want.

Make it a priority to visit their office hours a several times throughout the semester. Your professor has cut out time of their day to specifically dedicate time for any questions that his/her student may of, so take advantage! If you feel more comfortable saving some of the questions you had during lecture for this time, go for it!

Probably the most important concept is to ATTEND YOUR CLASSES. It means nothing to have a million questions if it was already stated in class. Be present in the hour or however long class you have. That does not mean that you have to ask a question every second, or even every class. Participation means staying alert and understanding the information coming at you, so do that and your professor will notice.

As you can see, there are steps to follow in building a relationship with your professor but not hard! Stay proactive and alert throughout the semester and this communication will come easy to you.