Funding Your Future: Apply for the Coca Cola Scholarship to Solve Your Student Loan Problem!

Funding Your Future is a series on General Intelligences intended to promote larger, fall-deadline scholarships for rising high school seniors. This way, seniors can access a wide array of scholarships all in one place. I hope that you can use this series as a resource to avoid as much student debt as possible! Read until the end to find out how the Coca Cola scholarship program can help you with both finances and networking, as well as to read the student perspectives of two recent scholarship recipients: Kyle Lambert and Aissa Dearing.

Prerequisites for Medical Schools and Why It’s Important to Know What They Are

Coming into medical school without the necessary background knowledge is impossible. Practically speaking. Medical schools have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before entering medical school. Before those prerequisites are explained, it must be emphasized that prerequisites are for BEFORE you enter medical school. You can absolutely get accepted into medical school while taking the prerequisites or even get accepted into a medical school before having taken the prerequisites. They must be done and your final grades just have to be submitted before school starts. (If you’re worried about getting your acceptance rescinded if you do not do as well as expected in the later prerequisite classes, there is going to be another article that addresses that fear.