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Our world today has us living busy lives, full of commitments and responsibilities that add a lot of stress to our day-to-day routine. Though, even with the near mountain of tasks we have to overcome, we often waste a lot of time just thinking about how to approach them. We act almost as if we have all the time in the world.

Though, whether we want to admit it or not, most of us struggle with procrastination, which can be a major roadblock on our path to accomplishing our goals. Not only that, but the hesitation and indecision we experience seems to only worsen the more time we spend dealing with it. 

However, in her book “The 5 Second Rule”, best-selling author Mel Robbins reveals that there is a simple yet extraordinary way to overcome procrastination. 

The rule goes as follows: when you have to act on a goal or task, you need to act on it within five seconds. If you don’t, your brain will start to shift towards procrastinating, making you unproductive.

By using this method correctly,  you can truly focus and let your brain get rid of the doubts and fears that hold you back. Not only that, but with enough practice you can turn those five seconds into five minutes, hours, or even days – you’ll finish your tasks much sooner than you ever have. 

However, Robbins also outlines several others steps to boost your productivity further and make your life better.

Appreciate being Uncomfortable 

This first phrase is quite important, because it is most likely something that puts you in a stage of discomfort as you have not done it due to being lazy and maybe because this is something on your mind that causes you immense stress. This stage also brings out the emotion within you as this is probably something that you have been putting off for a while.

It is crucial to be aware of the great effort and sacrifice that goes into achieving something substantial. Most times, if not all times, you will not be able to feel like you have actually accomplished something if you do not tend to leave your comfort zone. It is key to note that when one is able to obtain better control of being uncomfortable and expand outside of their comfort zone, then they will be able to accomplish even greater things. Your hard work tends to pay off in the long run.

Progress and Better Pace Yourself with Small Steps 

Even the biggest professionals in our nation (maybe even the world) track their big goals and achievements via smaller steps. Research suggests that utilizing smaller steps actually makes your goals seem more achievable. Furthermore, it allows one to pace themselves daily to achieve something that will eventually lead them to that great success. This ultimately makes your goals less scary as time goes on.

It is highly encouraged for you to start out small when setting up your goals. These steps will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed about accomplishing your goals and you will maintain a higher level of motivation throughout your journey. You won’t procrastinate as much to complete steps that in the moment seem small, but as you reach the end, will amount to great success.

Prevent Yourself From Multitasking

It always feels great to check off as many things as possible on your list of things that you need to get done, but you don’t always have to tackle several tasks at once. Actually, it can be seen as more beneficial at times to concentrate more on one task at a time to deliver a higher quality result! Multitasking leads you to divide your attention between various things rather than focusing on just one. This can lead to mistakes, errors, and even delivering a lower quality of work when completing the tasks at hand.

It is highly recommended to complete tasks one at a time. This will allow for you to better focus on the task that you are working on and verifying that it is free of mistakes. Moreover, you will feel even more accomplished knowing the hard work that you put into completing those tasks rather than cutting corners to get the job done quickly. It will also improve your time management skills to stay on schedule when working on your goals.

Keep Clear from Distractions

You need to be careful about distractions as they are all around you! It can be hard to see what is truly a distraction from achieving your goals as they may seem fun or enjoyable at first. Even spending unnecessary time on your phone (playing games, watching videos, etc.) is a distraction and becomes a barrier stopping you from achieving your goals! Distractions can tend to be events or activities that you focus on or attend and they provide you with no value towards your development, growth, or achieving your goals.

It is important to stay away from things that will put you farther away or halt your progress of reaching that next stepping stone to reaching your goals. If you realize this when things pop up in your life, then stay strong and turn them down! Your hard work, persistence, and commitment will help you reach the end. It is key for you to take charge and knowingly avoid any of these distractions. This will allow you to dedicate more of your efforts and energy to working on these goals and lead you to a better personal standing with yourself.

Self-Reflection is Key

It is important to reflect on yourself and your journey every now and again to keep yourself in a motivated mindset. You need to appreciate all of those steps that you have taken to get to where you are today. Your goals will always be there and you should keep your efforts high to achieve them

Especially because you are setting these goals to become the type of person that you want, then you should definitely stay motivated and keep up the work. It is critical to remind yourself that if you ever fail to act on your goals, then you will stay as the same person unless you take the action to achieve better.


There is really only one way to actually fight the negative habits in your life. However, if you have to remain committed to the cause and endure all that it takes to win that fight. Once you push through all the pain and struggle, you will be able to achieve great things and reach your goals. The amount of possibility out there for you is limitless as long as you continue to fight through the hardships you face and stay motivated through it all. You will grow and find great things in life.