When asked to imagine “coding” or “technology” many people imagine lines of code and someone looking at their computer screen for hours a day, possibly “hacking.” This is the image we usually see in entertainment, too. It seems like all it takes to unlock a government building is a guy sitting in the back of a van, hunched over a laptop with neon green text scrolling for miles, and click, you hear the infamous “We’re in.” 

Or maybe that’s a really cliche example. However, there’s no denying that many times, people have the wrong image of what coding and developing really mean, and this can put people off a major that they wouldn’t know would actually be something they found enjoyable. Other times, you hear people pursuing fields other than in the technology field because “they’re not good with computers.” However, technology is a very broad field, and it is oftentimes a path people take to open other doors, taken as a sort of “entry” into dozens of other fields. This opens doors for not just technical personalities but people who have a more creative personality, who may be put off by the technical side of things. 

One of these fields is User Experience Design (UX for short) and it involves creative design in technology, making it an ideal path for someone who wants to have a more design-oriented path. 

According to CareerFoundry, UX design focuses on the interaction between real human users (like you and me) and everyday products and services, such as websites, apps, and even coffee machines. It’s an extremely varied discipline, combining aspects of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology.”

Many people in UX do is create products, and this involves a creative process. In most cases, it involves drawing, designing, and modeling for projects. This is where people with creative aspirations can really thrive. From drawing wireframes to modeling it in 3D programs to testing out their projects, UX designers cover a lot of areas. Many of them are specialized in graphic design and social media to see what types of aesthetics are the most visually pleasing. If you’re someone who enjoys creating flyers and designing graphics for your club or personal use, I would encourage you to look into this field because of all that UX design has to offer.