Let’s face it, online classes are probably going to be the norm for a while. So, it is a good idea to understand how to get the most out of them, as well as improve your grades.

First things first, write down your schedule. Whether it be on your calendar in your phone or computer, a to-do list on a scratch sheet, or you have a planner, just make sure you understand your schedule for the next week or two. Having your week planned out with help you prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively. It is imperative that you give yourself enough time to finish your homework so you do not have seven assignments due the next day.

Do not procrastinate!!! I can’t stress this enough! We’ve all done it and we’ve all regretted it, time after time. Yet, are we ever going to learn from this?! Depending on the structure of your course, think about what needs to be done first and if something needs to get done each day. For example, my current online class releases the entire set of modules and lectures for the next test. This means it is up to me to manage my time and set days of when I am going to absorb this information and take notes. Make this an effective way to have a less stressful week by doing one or two lectures a day, along with a reading assignment. By the time your test comes around, you will be ready and focused on studying rather than finishing all your due assignments.

The fact that classes are online shouldn’t deter you from asking your professor any questions. Our regular structure of school is different and some things take more time to truly understand and learn. If your class uses an online portal for class and its live, make your voice heard. Chances are there is at least one other person in your class who has the same question as you. If you feel more comfortable typing or emailing your question, type it in the comments or shoot your professor an email. The most important thing to know if that you do not have to stress yourself out even more by teaching yourself certain concepts.

TAKE NOTES! If your have pre-recorded lectures or meet at a time each day, make sure your phone is done and your attention is on your class. I know that this is way easier said than done but remember, this is your school time. This would be you in class, so would you have the television on and your phone in hand while you were in class?

Make sure you set time for yourself off your computer. Give your eyes a break and step outside for an hour to not only get some fresh air, but give yourself a mental vacation. Managing your time with online classes is going to take some practice, so push yourself to follow these guidelines in order to effectively take your classes and get the best grade.