Getting Involved on Campus…Online

As the fall semester approaches with thousands of students attending their first semesters online, you might be thinking: how on earth am I going to get involved? After all, much of the college charm is finding “your people” and many people do this by finding friends with common interests in clubs and extracurriculars. However, with the lack of in-person instruction and activities, this will definitely be a challenge. But there’s still hope.

Why You Shouldn’t Overload Your Freshman Schedule

As someone who just finished their freshman year of university and has seen what kind of a nightmare scheduling can be, I thought that I would highlight the importance of NOT overdoing your first term as a college freshman. Your advisors will emphasize this, but with the effects of the ongoing pandemic and all, it’s possible that someone hasn’t yet, and scheduling your classes is something you might be doing around this time. 

Funding Your Future: How to Make Your Application Stand Out for the Gates Scholarship and win a FREE college education!

Funding Your Future is a series on General Intelligences published with the intention of introducing high achieving students to large, fall-deadline scholarships. Within this article, you will find eligibility and application advice for the Gates Scholarship, as well as advice and perspective from two students who received the Gates Scholarship this past year – Sedonia and Quynh-Thuong. Keep reading to gain great insight into what goes into becoming a Gates Scholar and how to possibly win this competitive scholarship!