The New Cultural Competency: Cultural Competemility

In recent years, people have been using this buzzword of “Cultural Competence” to define an understanding of various cultures, traditions and beliefs. However, a recent article suggests a new paradigm of thought that is a result of an intersection between cultural competence and cultural humility in a “synergistic relationship.”

Things To Do During The Pandemic

With fewer social events and more days stuck at home, one positive aspect of Covid-19 is that you might have more time. While you’re likely still busy with homework, every now and then you might have some spare hours. In this article, I’m proposing 7 things you can do with that time. They offer aContinue reading “Things To Do During The Pandemic”

Time Management in the Age of COVID

Time management has always been a struggle for me, and I know many other students as well. If anything, COVID has just made time management more of a struggle for me. Not being forced to watch lectures synchronously has proven to be difficult in keeping up with my classes. Here are some tips for all us to be a little more productive and manage our time wisely.

Volunteer Opportunities for Pre-Health Students

As a future healthcare provider, it is important to demonstrate the fact you have a willingness to help others both inside and outside of the hospital. When you choose to get involved and do community service work, there are several factors that you should keep in mind:

Teaching Yourself – A Covid (or Otherwise) Guide

Now, more than ever, students find themselves teaching much of the content they’re taking courses for – to themselves. Maybe the professor’s teaching style isn’t compatible with your learning style, you need additional help, you want to get ahead, or you’re doing online school. At one point in the semester, many students find that they have to rely on themselves for one reason or the other – what do you do in this situation? With the current ongoing pandemic, these situations can become even more common. As someone who’s done online learning even before college and corona was a problem, here are my tips for overcoming problems in this situation.

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