Hustle culture is no joke. If you’re not interning at renown corporations, involved in 10+ organizations, and working, society makes you question, “what am I doing with my life.” If you’re scrolling on LinkedIn or social media platforms and feel like you’re not doing enough remember this: The amount of accolades on your resume does not define the quality and efficiency of your impact in this world. Read that last part again. Then read it again until you internalize that you are enough and you need to take care of yourself now more than ever.

This doesn’t mean let go of all responsibilities- it just means that it’s okay to take a deep breath, pause, and make time for self-reflection each day.

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  • Outdoor Activities: Gardening, exercising, sky-gazing/looking at the sunsets and sunrises
  • Indoor Activities: baking, cooking, journaling, listening to music, learning an instrument, watching tv show/movies, painting, remodeling your home, painting, playing with pets, limit news time, lighting candles/oil diffusers/mists, making teas, limit social media time, meditate/pray/reflect/
  • Basic chores like washing dishes or making your bed help because it gives you a sense of control
  • Spending time with loved ones: playing board games with loved ones, watch funny videos and movies, share memes and TikToks, FaceTime or Zoom with loved ones, put on face masks together, etc.
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An issue with working from home during the COVID-19 era is that it’s just you and your laptop vs. the world throughout the entire day. If you don’t snap out of this trance of checking your emails, newsletters, Canvas, or workplace site, you might miss the sunrise and sunset. A couple of you might be nodding, reminiscing on the days where you’ve been so busy you didn’t leave your room or forgot to eat. I challenge you to make time each day-even if only 20 minutes- to unwind and pour into your own cup. Your effort and workload stem from you, so take care of yourself first.