If you are ever in the thinking process of “should I publish a research paper” or “what is even the point in publishing a research paper”, then this is the article for you! You should always publish your research articles if you want to engage more in a certain field. Publishing can hold many benefits later on. Thus, finding institutions and groups who help publish research articles can help with your own research publications and the furthering of your career.

There are many benefits to trying to publish your research paper, but the first step in doing so is to find a great place to publish them. There are several groups and clubs who actively publish student research papers to help them gain more contacts. Whether it is a scientific research paper or any other form of research paper, it is vital that you look for groups that help students publish their work.

Once you publish your research, some might think “so what happens now?”. There are actually many things you can do with a published article. For instance, you may talk about this in interviews relating to your field. Talking about research published in an interview may help you stand out more in the eyes of the employers. They may look at you as a person who went an extra mile to take your time to research a topic and publish your understandings so that others may also gain some knowledge on your ideas and the specific topic you explored. You can also apply for research opportunities with your research paper. Researchers might see you as a possible candidate who knows the importance of research first and foremost and also that you know how to conduct and write research articles. The more you publish articles that you have created and authored, the more it will be beneficial for your future applications and career.

These are just some ways publishing your research can be beneficial. In doing so you gain many useful contacts as well as gain some leverage in interviews, applications and research future.