There are abundances of resources scattered throughout the web, libraries, and universities for students to utilize. However, I’m sure you know of this, but the quality and delivery of each resource differ. It also takes time to search and find outstanding resources for the sake of students’ study, research, or homework. Therefore, we as General Intelligences hope to help you leap over this hurdle to save you time to attend to your tasks! Shall we begin exploring the best resources the world has to offer?

  1. Google Scholar

Created by a renowned technological company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, Google. Google Scholar is a search engine that’s dedicated to offering scholarly resources across the spectrum of the Internet, ranging from books to articles. Universities and other educational institutions alike have full-text content available to students attending their institution. The digital resources found in Google Scholars can be remarkable assets when it comes to a student’s desire to thoroughly research published literature for the purposes of a research paper or assignments.

  1. Google Books

Similar to Google Scholars in a way, if you’re seeking book titles aging from modern to classic, then Google Books might be the place for you. This website allows users to scan millions of books with specific search terms to find a scholarly resource suited to their needs. In addition, you’re allowed to read sections of a book to see if the information embedded within the book is truly what you’re searching for. Afterwards, Google Books provides locations that you may purchase a book at if you do decide to purchase it; hence, this website is a magnificent resource when it comes to journeying for information in regards to a project or research paper.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

When you ask a question within a search engine, don’t you just wish that it would output an answer to your question? In terms of Wolfram Alpha, a website with expert-level knowledge and capabilities, it can answer questions ranging from finance, mathematics, science, technology, and even everyday life that you can’t seem to find the answer to. This trusted-digital resource is especially helpful when it comes to homework, double-checking mathematical computations, or getting yourself out of a loop!

  1. PubMed

Developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest biomedical library, PubMed is the top-ranked biomedical database. PubMed is a digital resource that allows everyone to freely search 30 million summaries of articles with citations based on health science literature. If you’re a student studying in health sciences, this would be a life-changing tool for you to utilize throughout your journey in college as it provides full-text articles that provide an enriching and insightful information on health sciences!

  1. BioMed Central

BioMed Central (BMC) is an open-access digital resource that has a continuously growing portfolio of peer-reviewed journals by specialists and experts in their field of study. The topics of the journals range from various branches of science, dentistry, computer science, criminology, philosophy, mathematics, and engineering. Validated information across the spectrum of the website, BMC provides students with information across numerous majors that some students might be contemplating on committing to or even learn more about!

  1. College Library

Last but not least, your college or university possesses a stream of scholarly resources for you to utilize for the purposes of research and homework! Across databases, journals, and books across various subject areas, these are all provided in full text to assist you in the process of completing your research project or homework assignment for your class. However, if a book of a certain subject area isn’t provided at your library, don’t fret! There’s a service called interlibrary loan where your library can borrow books and articles from other libraries to share the content that you need; hence, the number of remarkable resources is practically limitless in a way!

To close it all off, these are the best resources thus far for scholarly research to achieve the purposes of possibly anything. Insightful information is everywhere, and we hope that General Intelligences was able to make the process of searching for scholarly information easier!