The world we live in is constantly changing and evolving, and we as humans are also growing with time. We are developing our skills and adapting to new lifestyles. All aspects of our life are being altered and we are trying to cope with this change through several methods and new inventions. The rise of technological changes that we witnessed in the last couple of decades is fueled by the need to constantly invent, create, and discover. One essential contributor to the immense change in the society, community, and the world as a whole is research.

If you have ever wondered “what is the importance of research?” or why do humans even do research, then continue reading to find out how research has contributed to the growth and evolution of the society we live in.

Where would humans be without research?

Humans are curious beings. If it weren’t for the curiosity that we possess, we would not have discovered all the miraculous creatures that live on our planet, space, and seas.

Humans would remain unaware of all the new creatures that are being discovered each year. Research is what allows them to bring light to all the unknown organisms.

Be it medical, scientific or academic, research in general is what keeps human going. It is what fuels them to strive for better lives. In our world, there are still individuals who still refuse to believe certain facts that are backed up by intense research. We have witnessed some people refusing to take the vaccine later this year because they chose to believe misinformation over scientific facts. Ignorance might remain prevalent, but research is the weapon against it.  Without research, humans would remain unaware of all the scientific knowledge and information.

How does research directly impact our lives?

Whether you intend on doing it or not, we do research almost every day. It might be for a university assignment, or a research project you are working on etc. But what we fail to notice is that everything we are currently using and taking for granted, was developed after years of exhaustive research. For instance, without research, you would not be able to open this webpage and read this article. You can do so because many scientists and researchers have spent years seeking answers and creating this new phenomenon. Nowadays, using the internet is considered as the norm and is something we cannot let go off.  All the medical pills you consume whether you have the flu or any other sickness, would be available without years of intense research. All the findings that come out from scientific research have been so beneficial for people in their every lives.

How big is the impact of research on the advancement of society?

Due to the continuous research that is being done in several fields, each generation lives differently than the other. Our ancestors led a very contrasting life to how we are presently living. Most of the inventions that we cannot live without nowadays, were not created back in their times. But research does not have a tremendous impact on development of technology. It has touched every aspect of our human lives and impacted it immensely. Read along to find out how.

  • Research empowers humans:

Take your college professors as an example, or any other researcher you know. Research is what drives them to strive and discover. It is what empowers them to publish books, journals, and findings that benefit the society as a whole. Research compels them to apply analytical skills and use evidence.

  • Research enhances our way of living:

Have you ever thought how difficult your life would be without your phone, car, laptop, and any other tool that has made our lives easier?  Do you ever stop and think that without the development of research, all these inventions would not exist? Research has led to the rise of these discoveries and contributed to a better lifestyle for humans. The way we live is different from how our parents lived and how their parents lived as well. Day by day, research is paving the way for more creations that ultimately provide a better and easier lifestyle for everyone.

  • Research creates a developed world:

In addition to all the powerful effects research has on society, it is crucial to remember how research shapes and develops a wider and clearer understanding of the world we live in. Research-based knowledge allows us to gain a broader understanding on everything that’s going on around us. It increases our knowledge on certain issues and advances our analytical and critical skills.

In short, the main reason why humans have been doing research in all the different fields, is to never stop the cycle of advancing and improving the world we live in. Mankind is dependent on research to discover, enhance, and implement new ideas and inventions that benefit future generations. There are several types of research and they all have their own significance in contributing to the advancement in society. For instance, academic research helps students and professors grow and build better analytical and problem/solving skills. The role of scientific research in strengthening our society has been massive. This goes to every type of research and the efforts of scientists and researchers in continuously changing our lives to the better.  The core value of research is not limited to just the advancement of society, but to the never-ending development of each human.