Are you looking for a research opportunity but don’t know how to ask the primary investigator? We got you! Use this template to guide you when writing an email!

Good afternoon Dr/Professor *insert name*,

My name is *insert name* and I am an undergraduate student at *insert college* studying *insert major*. After reading about your research, I am very interested in learning more about what you study. *discuss what you are most intrigued about in their research and any questions you may have*. I know that you are incredibly busy, but if you (or someone from the lab) are available I would love to meet with you to learn more about your research and discuss the possibility of contributing to research in this area as an undergrad research volunteer. I am available *Insert timeframes you are generally available. * Please let me know what time fits you best. As noted in my attached resume, I don’t have prior formal research experience but am quite eager to learn and improve over the course of my time as part of the team.


*Insert Name*