Throughout the years, the connection between technology and college education has increased drastically. While smartphones can sometimes be a distraction, they can also be used as a source of helpful tools to aid in your day to day life. Using these applications will allow one to have a more smooth experience when attending college for the first time.

Momentum is a Google extension that provides the user with a sleeker look and greater functionality for your new page tab. In addition to that, the extension provides a variety of different tools to help organize and focus your workspace. Tools such as a weather forecast and a daily planner can help the user organize and plan their academic career day by day. In addition to the more clerical side of the application, the clean look and motivational quotes and pictures give respite to the eyes as well as the mind.

Evernote is one of the most popular note taking tools. Evernote is available on all platforms such as Android, Mac, iPhone, and Windows. You can save and annotate web pages, include a complete function in site web browser, and integrate major apps such as Outlook, Slack, Google Drive, and Gmail. 

Zotero is a great tool that allows for the simple collection of research. With it, you can easily categorize and log sources or articles from your browser. You can then access them in a stored database which allows the user to quickly pull them up, allowing for easier citation and quotation.

Google Calendar is one of the greatest and most effective calendar apps available. In comparison to other calendar softwares, it is easier and more functional. It’s incredibly customizable and allows for simple sharing options, as well as being accessible on many different devices. With color- coding as well, tasks and deadlines have never been easier to understand. 

Forest is an excellent chrome extension for productivity. When you focus on your work, a virtual tree grows. When you get distracted, that tree dies. You can add websites to your blocklist so you can stay focused for longer. While not specifically for schooling, this is a good way to keep your attention on the things that matter most. Forest is also a phone app, to manage your time spent on different apps.

Quizlet has been the hero for college students and high school students ever since its creation. One can create flashcards and use its different tools to learn any subject possible. Being able to have it on your phone is a real boon when you are out and about and need to fit in some last minute studying.

Grammarly is one of the best tools possible for any writing assignment or email you will ever send. It corrects your spelling and grammar mistakes as well as recommends better word choices. If you feel like you lack confidence in word choices or the tone you use in your work, this is the app for you.

The Owl is the best source possible for all your referencing needs. We all have at one point learned how to cite via MLA and APA, but remembering that information almost never happens. The Owl provides all the different ways you can reference your sources as well as examples. 

Wikipedia is a given resource as it provides information on almost every subject thinkable to humankind. For many projects and papers, Wikipedia is a great place to start when you are originally trying to learn concepts and information about a subject. While the articles can be edited and changed by users, you can find the sources of the information on the page as well if you were so inclined to dig further into the subject. 

Rate my Professor is an excellent resource for when you are trying to pick your classes for the semester. You can look at your professor’s rating based on other students’ experience in their class. It can make or break your semester, as having a good professor is one of the most important things in education. 

EdX and Coursera are popular online course providers. Topics from health sciences to economics are provided for free. If you would like a certificate for the course, there are varying costs. Having access to free education provides you with the opportunity to expand your mindset and education on any topic.  

GroupMe is an extremely popular group messaging app. In college, being in the loop of what’s happening in your class is extremely important. Using GroupMe can keep all your group chats in one place. Be it a study group or just a casual meme-sharing circle of friends, this app will keep you connected without hassle.

Financial management is important at all points in your life, but especially in college. Mint provides a clean and concise software that allows you to document your finances and manage them efficiently. 

Having a mobile payment app is also quite important in college. Whether you’re out at a bar or are trying to pay back your friend for your half of the Uber ride, having a mobile payment app is quite important. Popular payment apps are Venmo, Paypal, and Cashapp. 

While technology can be overbearing, it is important that we learn to use it to our advantage. Instead of focusing on the distractions that technology provides, why not consider some of the aforementioned applications to aid you in your college life?