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Roth IRAs: A Guide For Students

A Roth-IRA is a must for every 20 something year old.  It is a tax-advantaged retirement account that lets you avoid taxes while the investments within it, and when you withdraw from it in retirement grow as long as it is invested with earned income. 

5 Books to read for Financial Literacy

What is Financial Literacy? How do I educate myself financially? These are questions you might be asking yourself while reading this post. It is important to educate yourself financially as young as you are right now so that you can live a financially free life. According to Annuity, financially literacy means knowing how to manage your money from paying bills, saving, and investing into your future. One of the many ways you can educate yourself to be financially literate is through reading books. Below are some books that I think would be beneficial for you to read to gain that financial free life. Please note, they are not in any particular order.

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