Dramatic Ways a Global Pandemic can affect College Admissions: What should you do?

Along with disrupting the lives of everyone around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the college admissions process. Uncertainties about acceptances, financial aid, standardized testing, and extracurriculars have dominated the conversations amidst this process.

Do you want complete freedom and control over your college experience? The Open Curriculum might be perfect for you

Does having complete freedom over your curriculum sound appealing to you? What exactly is the Open Curriculum?

What should you have in the Perfect College List?

Although it’s good to have dream schools, it is important to build a balanced college list that includes backups and other options after plethora of factors are considered.

What factors should you NEVER forget when deciding which college is right for you?

When figuring out which colleges to look at and apply to, many students consider three main factors: Academics, Financial Aid, and Student Life. However, a lot of students completely gloss over other characteristics that are equally as important and should be thought about before attending a college. 

Which university is better suited for YOU? Comparing Research Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges

Students often choose a college based on prestige or reputation. However, each college has its own identity, along with having different opportunities. Colleges can be sorted into: Research Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges.

LOOK OUT! Common Mistakes with the different College Admissions Deadlines

The college admissions process can be daunting, especially when the names of the different processes intertwine, and people seem to use them interchangeably. In order to avoid legal trouble (yes, you do sign some contracts when applying) and confusion, understand what each of these policies mean and which one works best for you.

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