Time Management in the Age of COVID

Time management has always been a struggle for me, and I know many other students as well. If anything, COVID has just made time management more of a struggle for me. Not being forced to watch lectures synchronously has proven to be difficult in keeping up with my classes. Here are some tips for all us to be a little more productive and manage our time wisely.

Your Next Step After Receiving a Scholarship: Writing a Thank You Letter Expressing Your Gratitude

Congrats, you’ve just received a scholarship! Now you just need to write a thank you letter to the donors. Read about how to write one!

Do You Want to Promote Actual Positive Change? Start by Stopping Performative Activism

Coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests have severely declined these past few weeks even though the momentum of the protests still continues. Read about performative activism’s role in that decline.

Want to Pursue Journalism? Learn About the Field from a Student Pursuing Journalism!

Interested in learning more about journalism? Read this interview with a current undergraduate student who’s pursuing journalism to find out more.

The Value and Rewarding Position of Being a Tutor: Why You Should Begin Tutoring Students

Being a tutor is valuable to you, as well as your tutees. You’re able to expand your own knowledge and grow as an individual. Read more about the benefits of being a tutor!

Curious About What You Can Do with an Economics Degree? Learn About What a Current Economics Major Student is Pursuing!

If you’re interested in studying economics but not sure what you can do with an economics degree, read this interview with an economics and business undergraduate student to learn more!

Interested in Studying Architecture? Learn More About the Field from an Insightful Interview with a University of Michigan Architecture Student!

If you want to know more about studying architecture, here’s an interview with a current undergraduate architecture student, who’s a part of a renowned architecture program!

Feeling Exhausted After Zoom Calls? Here’s Why you Experience Zoom Burnout and How to Deal with it

Having multiple Zoom calls a week is mentally and physically draining. Figuring out where these feelings are coming from and how to deal to with them is key in this virtual age.

Why You Should Take Classes Outside Your Major

Expanding your mind to new ideas and perspectives is an integral part of the college experience. Taking classes outside your major may feel uncomfortable and cumbersome, but they’re actually there to aid with your college experience. This article looks at 3 reasons why it’s actually beneficial to take classes unrelated to your major.

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