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Job Referrals 101: A Guide

A job referral is when someone recommends or refers someone else for a job opening at a company. This can be done by an employee at the company, a friend, a family member, or a professional contact. When someone refers a candidate for a job, they are basically vouching for that person and suggesting that they would be a good fit for the position. The company may then consider the referred candidate more seriously than other candidates because they have a personal recommendation from someone they trust. Some companies even have formal referral programs in place that give employees a financial or other type of reward for referring someone who gets hired.

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The Neuroscience of Friendship in College

Friendship has often been called the single most important factor influencing our health, well-being and happiness. A person's network is, of course, of very high importance. There are processes that give rise to these patterns and their evolutionary origins need to combine multidisciplinary insights. Much evidence has emerged on the important role of friends both in the sphere of moral and emotional supports but as well as protection from external threats and the stresses of living in groups.

The New Cultural Competency: Cultural Competemility

In recent years, people have been using this buzzword of "Cultural Competence" to define an understanding of various cultures, traditions and beliefs. However, a recent article suggests a new paradigm of thought that is a result of an intersection between cultural competence and cultural humility in a "synergistic relationship."

The Plight of Imposter Syndrome in the FLI (First-Generation and Low-Income) Community

Imposter syndrome has become a sort of buzzword in the mainstream and it is often joked about or taken lightly. In academia, Imposter Syndrome can often be referred to as Imposter Phenomenon (IP). Mental health has become more commonly spoken about in recent years, and as such IP has also experienced more coverage. IP has … Continue reading The Plight of Imposter Syndrome in the FLI (First-Generation and Low-Income) Community

How to Tackle Understanding A Research Paper

Have you ever come across a research paper and been utterly confused at how all the words could be in English, yet make absolutely little sense? A lot of scientific papers can initially be daunting to read. You'll see a bunch of terms that you may have never even seen before. Take a deep breath. Learning how to read a scientific paper can seem like an insurmountable challenge, however, with the correctly developed strategy, you'll be able to dissect the difficult terminology and draw important conclusions.