A Silent Epidemic: The Affordable Housing Crisis

Many people refer to housing as, “the key to reducing intergenerational poverty and increasing economic mobility.” If that is the case, then we should be taking steps to address our affordable housing crisis.

Improve your Financial Literacy for Free

Only 57% of Americans are considered “Financially Literate” which is comparable to the country of Botswana (which is far smaller than the US). People between the ages of 18-34 had the sharpest drop in ability to answer financial questions correctly taking a nose-dive from a meager 30% to 17%.

Avoiding Performative Activism: How to Support and Educate Yourself #BlackLivesMatter

Performative Activism has become rampant on social media in response to recent events. In this, I go over statistics, books and documentaries to be better informed and what you can do to help.

6 Flexible and Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money

Obviously, college and life (in general) is an expensive process, however, there are a surprisingly high number of ways to get money that are not illegal and don’t require much on your part either.

How to Study Efficiently: Feynman Technique

Physicist Richard Feynman is credited with the creation of the Feynman technique. It revolves around explaining a concept in simple language as if you were teaching it to someone else.

How to Maximize your Study Time

It isn’t with the quantity of time put into studying, as anyone who has crammed the night before a test they subsequently failed will tell you. Some students have a lot to balance on their plate between school, work and other endeavors. Clearly, it’s important to develop good and efficient study skills early-on in your college career. So, if the secret to academic success isn’t to study more, then what is the key to doing well?

OP-ED: Does Eliminating Standardized Testing Help First-Generation and Low-Income Students?

Recently, the entire University of California announced that it would be going test-optional. It has been a long held belief that standardized testing puts low-income students and students from underserved communities at a disadvantage in the college admissions process. Yet, how can we begin to level a playing field that has been irrevocably damaged from the start?

FREE WEBINAR: CTK College Coach “Applying to College During COVID-19”

Are you or do you know a rising senior / current junior in high school? This webinar will help answer your questions on applying during these unprecedented times.

Fundamentals of Acid-Base Chemistry

Acid-Base chemistry is a fundamental concept prevalent in college level chemistry courses. Here is an introductory guide to understanding acid-base chemistry.

Student Credit Cards and the Importance of Building a Credit History

Student Credit Cards are an important way to start building a good credit history and having a good credit score. These are some cards that have different rewards available.

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