The Psychology behind Job Interviews

No matter how many you’ve given in the past, the next job interview will always make you a lot more nervous than it should. Although we’ve probably had multiple one-on-one interactions with others in the past, the closed environment, the unarticulated expectations or criteria the interviewer is using to judge the candidate, the varying dynamics … Continue reading The Psychology behind Job Interviews

Stress During COVID-19: The Psychology, Behavioral Symptoms and Management Tips

Coronavirus - a term that we’re not only scared of, but also tired of hearing. Since its outbreak, most of us have been in a persistent state of anxiousness, for ourselves as well as our loved ones. Being in quarantine, maintaining our mental health has become just as important as our physical health. To do … Continue reading Stress During COVID-19: The Psychology, Behavioral Symptoms and Management Tips

Candid Advice: Adjusting as an International Student

Being an international student abroad can sometimes make you feel like a fish out of water. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and scared. Having just completed my first year in university as an international commuter student at the University of Toronto, here are just a couple of helpful tips you can use to make your experience slightly easier.

The Ultimate Guide for Pre-meds around the World: Interviews with 9 Med-Students

I’ve created the ultimate resource for all pre-meds out there having such burning questions about medical school and becoming a doctor. I interviewed 9 medical students from around the world - US, Canada, UK and Europe, to provide you with a well-rounded perspective, all of them highly deserving of what they've accomplished so far. I asked them all sorts of questions - on having a well-rounded lifestyle as well as on the technical stuff. Through their responses, you will not only gain insight into various techniques they used to avoid burn-out/demotivation, but also gain valuable tips and information about their application processes.