FGLIMed 2020 Webinar: Tips for pre-med FGLI students

FGLIMed 2020: Becoming Visible: Celebrating Community & Identity. I attended the Yale School of Medicine’s First-Gen & Low-Income webinar and here are my key takeaways.

Adopting A Growth Mindset to Foster Student Development

Praise is a powerful thing. One study showed that 85% of parents believe that it is important to praise children for their intelligence. However, as I’ve learned from my Lifespan Development class, not all types of praise can be helpful.

QuestBridge and the Application Process

Questbridge is an organization that helps students from underserved communities during the college admissions process by providing them with resources. Through becoming a College Prep Scholar, you would have access to summer programs, awards, conferences, and an opportunity to attend one of their college partners for a full ride scholarship to top universities and liberal arts colleges through the National College Match Program.

A Freshman Guide to Haverford College

My first year at Haverford College ended today along with the last exam of my two-week-long finals period. While I know that the incoming class of 2024 will have a drastically different experience from those in my class year, I think some things will stay the same

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