Sample Email for Research Opportunities

Are you looking for a research opportunity but don’t know how to ask the primary investigator? We got you! Use this template to guide you when writing an email!

Love Science? : Career Paths in Research

In the field of STEM, there are many different avenues to explore when becoming a researcher. The variety of styles and methods used in scientific research can allow for a more broad spectrum of applicants to find their footing in the scientific community. Though the positions available to researchers vary quite a bit in regards to their duties and expectations, it can be easy to confuse the different career options. Hopefully the following will help to clarify some of the ambiguity regarding the proximity and boundaries of the roles carried out by the particular class of researcher. 

Why Learning a Language Helps your Brain

There are over seven thousand languages that exist all over the world. The four most spoken languages are English, Mandarin, Hindi and Spanish. Learning a second language allows you to be a part of a community of people with a common trait with a unique culture. The ability to learn a new language allows forContinue reading “Why Learning a Language Helps your Brain”

How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Our thoughts influence our beliefs, feelings and actions. Our thoughts can be rational, reflective and often with judgement because we perceive information and implement it to form an idea of what something or someone is. CriticallyContinue reading “How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills”

Dramatic Ways a Global Pandemic can affect College Admissions: What should you do?

Along with disrupting the lives of everyone around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the college admissions process. Uncertainties about acceptances, financial aid, standardized testing, and extracurriculars have dominated the conversations amidst this process.

Things To Do During The Pandemic

With fewer social events and more days stuck at home, one positive aspect of Covid-19 is that you might have more time. While you’re likely still busy with homework, every now and then you might have some spare hours. In this article, I’m proposing 7 things you can do with that time. They offer aContinue reading “Things To Do During The Pandemic”

Utilizing Your University’s Writing Center

Today, I will be talking about how you, as a university student, can utilize your University’s Writing Center to the best of your abilities.

How To Prepare For Remote Interviews

Today, I will be discussing a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned through experience on how to be well-prepared for any type of interview.

The Psychology behind Job Interviews

No matter how many you’ve given in the past, the next job interview will always make you a lot more nervous than it should. Although we’ve probably had multiple one-on-one interactions with others in the past, the closed environment, the unarticulated expectations or criteria the interviewer is using to judge the candidate, the varying dynamicsContinue reading “The Psychology behind Job Interviews”

Stress During COVID-19: The Psychology, Behavioral Symptoms and Management Tips

Coronavirus – a term that we’re not only scared of, but also tired of hearing. Since its outbreak, most of us have been in a persistent state of anxiousness, for ourselves as well as our loved ones. Being in quarantine, maintaining our mental health has become just as important as our physical health. To doContinue reading “Stress During COVID-19: The Psychology, Behavioral Symptoms and Management Tips”

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