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About us

At General Intelligences we are committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for students at no-cost. We take the time to curate monthly content based on community needs and provide several avenues for students to give us feedback or requests. We pride ourselves on prompt, clear, and efficient communication. We’re always striving to deliver creative, engaging solutions to challenges students face.

We have been able to help students globally land full time positions at companies like Amazon, Bain and the IRS. Some of our students have also used our resources to win highly competitive scholarships such as Jack Kent Cooke and the Coca-Cola Scholarship. Our students have published papers in high impact journals in their field and gone on to start their own initiatives in their communities.

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Our Initiatives

Capstone Program

At General Intelligences we understand the importance of having a friendly and approachable community. We pride ourselves on the creation of the, first of its kind, mentorship capstone program for students globally.

Research Journal

Coming Fall ’21. Our open access peer-reviewed journal will provide students from marginalized backgrounds with an opportunity to advance research on disparities.


F1RST in College is our monthly e-magazine sent out to all student subscribers. Each month we provide a no-jargon, easy to grasp guide to an adult skill. Past editions have included insurance, and housing.


I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to the General Intelligences team for your help with editing my essays for college and scholarships. I couldn’t afford outside help and didn’t have a support system to ask. Thank you so much.

— Kelly Wright

Throughout the program everyone at General Intelligences was professional, polite, and friendly. I could not have asked for a better FREE opportunity to meet so many people that I could really resonate with.

— Sean Murphy

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