Our Team

General Intelligences is a non-profit organization originally conceived in April 2020 by Magda Wojtara, whose desire was to make “common sense” more common by demystifying unwritten rules in the academic and professional world for fellow students.

We have an amazing team which continues to grow, and we take on seasonal interns as well. We have a rigorous application cycle for our internship process and for our team with around a third of applicants formally accepted.

Magda Wojtara

Founder and Executive Director of General Intelligences

Senior at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Core Team

Nicole Sezan- CUNY Hunter College
Jacqueline Bahrami-University of Houston
Liliane Mohamad-Haigazian University Beirut
Morgan Schafer- Michigan State University
Haley Herbert- Columbia University Barnard College
Aina Zaidi-University of Michigan
Navdeep Kaur-University of Michigan
Dee Dee Ogbogu- California State University-East Bay
McKenna Denton- Texas Tech University
Prathyusha Mahasamudram- University of North Texas School of Medicine

Interns, Content Writers, Campus Ambassadors

Content Writer Team
Nicholas Rutherford- University of Pennsylvania
Alexa De La Fuente- Brown University
Ishani Deshpande- University of California-Santa Cruz
Abby Morales- Cornell University
Kellie Weisse-University of Toronto
Yash Makkapati- NYITCOM
Meadow Hansen- University of Tulsa
Kimberly De Santiago- Purdue University
Trishal Muthan-Thomas Jefferson High School
Engoron Lim- Galileo Academy of Science and Technology
Sam Luthiya- Mount Carmel College-Bangalore
Komal Mir- Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Vasuki Gaba-CUNY-Hunter

Intern Team (Intern Applications will Open for Winter ’22 and are closed at this time)

Campus Ambassadors on the Following Campuses:

  1. City of NY(CUNY)- Hunter 
  2. University of St. Thomas 
  3. Brandeis University 
  4. University of Texas-Austin 
  5. Colby College 
  6. Florida International University 
  7. University of Virginia
  8. University of Michigan 
  9. Tulane University  
  10. University of California-Los Angeles 
  11. University of California-Berkeley 
  12. University of California-Davis 
  13. Texas A&M- San Antonio 
  14. College of Mount Saint Vincent 
  15. Florida State- Jacksonville 
  16. Caddo Parish Magnet High School
  17. Princeton University
  18. Yale University
  19. Dartmouth University
  20. Vanderbilt University

Don’t see your campus? Apply for our campus ambassador position that launches each year! Help promote Gen Intel on your college campus, develop a sense of community and further our mission of helping students.

Moving to Texas from Nepal at the age of 4 years and then to Canada at the age of 9 allowed me to see how income levels and ethnicity has an impact on students and the education system first hand.

— Ayushma Neku , Brampton Centennial Secondary School

I hope to learn more about the inequalities that exist within our own communities. I have a semi understanding of it all but would like be immerse myself more into discussions and what we can do. I hope to learn from other peoples experiences in order to address the lack of cultural understanding. Too many people experience racism, prejudice, and xenophobia worldwide

— Melissa Bueno, University of Chicago

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