We partner with several youth-led initiatives to help bring more information and perspectives to the conversation. In addition to supporting youth-led initiatives, we also partner with companies and individuals that have a shared mission in combating educational inequality in its many forms.

If the speakers are comfortable with the recording being posted we will also link the relevant videos to registrants. All students that register for an event will automatically receive either a recording or written notes and contact information for the event speakers. All webinars and workshops are completely free to attend and occur virtually.

Looking for Updates?

For updates on our latest webinars and workshops join our email list by contacting generalintelligences@gmail.com .

We send 2 emails each month to everyone on our mailing list full of opportunities to sign up for. Keep an eye out in your mailbox.

Some of Our Previous Events

First Generation in Tech Recruiter Panel

July 20, 2022

This webinar has AMAZING speakers that discussed their experiences in tech, how to break into tech and their advice to attendees.
Panelists Include: 
Hailey Batien, Corporate Recruiter @ Zoom
Heather Henderson, University Recruiter @ Uber
Guillermo Fisher, Head of Engineering @ Untapped
Nichole Payne, Technical Recruiter @ Doordash
Rosalinda Torres, Healthcare Acct Exec @ Zoom

This event enabled students to learn about tech, tech careers and ways to advance in tech careers.

person wearing white silicone strap black smartwatch

General Intelligences IFES Global Gender Equity Panel Webinar

May 26, 2021

This webinar has AMAZING speakers that will be discussing recent advancements and paradigm shifts in International Gender Equity. It’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in Politics, Government and Advocacy but is open to all. 
Panelists Include: 
Clare Hutchinson, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace, and Security
Julie Schechter-Torres, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, U.S. Department of State
Wazhma Frogh, Founder, Women and Peace Studies Organization in Afghanistan and the recipient of a 2009 Women of Courage Award
Louise Allen, Gender, Peace and Security Expert, IFES
Bukola Idowu, Executive Director, Kimpact Development Initiative Nigeria

This event enabled students to learn about IFES, careers and ways to advance social good, and Global Gender Equity.

General Intelligences First Aid and BLS Training Workshop

May 22, 2021

This event will take place via google meet and provide all the basics of first-aid! This is truly a life saving skill and one that can help in practically any situation. It is a great accolade to add as a pre-health student or just in general! This workshop will be interactive and hands on.

This event enabled students to learn about how to quickly react and respond as needed in live or die situations.

Storytelling for a Job Interview Workshop

May 20, 2021

Recruiters and hiring managers decide whether they will hire you within the first 90 seconds of your interview. This means that the best story wins. Do you know how to best portray yours?

This event enabled students to learn about how to incorporate storytelling into their interview responses.

General Intelligences x Institute of Healthcare Policy and Innovation Webinar

May 6, 2021

On behalf of IHPI Director John Ayanian, please join us for a virtual conversation between Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, and Dr. Preeti Malani, U-M Chief Health Officer and IHPI Member, focusing on the challenges of communicating evidence-based scientific information during a worldwide health crisis.

This event enabled students to learn about the current public health landscape.

General Intelligences Fullbright Scholar Webinar

May 5, 2021

References and affiliates are recommended/required for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2021 Application. Join this info session to talk about building a network that will improve your chances at receiving a Fulbright Award, as well as support your future career aspirations. This session will be recorded for future viewing.

This event enabled students to learn about the Fullbright program and to network with affiliates and potential references.

General Intelligences Goldman Sachs Recruiter Event

April 30, 2021

Join to hear from Goldman Sachs professionals who have made a unique impact within the Firm, and their advice to you as you navigate the GS recruitment process. Details will also be provided about when our 2022 Summer Internship & Full Time Opportunities will become available. This session is not recorded by the organization’s request. 

This event enabled students to network directly with industry professionals and learn more about opportunities at GS.

General Intelligences Mental Health Workshop

April 29, 2021

Join our core team members Dee Dee and Nicole for an informative workshop on how to navigate burn out and prioritize your mental wellbeing. This event will be recorded 

This webinar enabled students to learn more about how to prioritize their well-being, set boundaries between work and relaxing and resources to help.

General Intelligences Bioethics Webinar

April 28, 2021

This panel will explore and discuss both the national data and the impact of the pandemic on careers. It will provide the perspectives of key leaders in the field about the challenges and opportunities created by the great disruptions we are currently experiencing.

This webinar enabled students to learn more about bioethics in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

General Intelligences Law School Panel Webinar

April 27, 2021

Attend this amazing Law School Panel to learn how to apply to law school, how to get legal internships, how to chose a career in law, and more. Panelists include: Chaaru Deb 3rd Year JD at Yale Law focusing on IP and Health Law ; Vivian Fernandez Senior Litigation Paralegal at Cravath, Swaine & Moore ; Katherine XIU 1st Year JD Legal Assistant in Sullivan & Cromwell LLP’s Commercial Real Estate Group 

This webinar enabled students to learn more about law school and different forms of law practice.

General Intelligences Peace Corps Volunteer Webinar

April, 2021

This virtual webinar is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) panel. During this session, students will hear from RPCVs Molly Green, Adriane Kline, and Rebecca Fleming about their experiences serving. Students will have the chance to connect with returned volunteers and ask questions!

This webinar enabled students to learn more about joining the Peace Corps and what the experience is like.

General Intelligences Diversity in Leadership Webinar

April, 2021

In this webinar students were able to learn more about how we can elevate diverse voices in leadership. Panelists are student leaders in a variety of different fields including business, entrepreneurship and more. There were 4 POC panelists who volunteer for a variety of different organizations including GirlUp, Apex Consulting and more.

This webinar enabled students to learn more about diversity in leadership and to consider how to elevate diverse voices.

General Intelligences Dr. Abdul El-Sayed Public Health & Epidemiology Webinar

April, 2021

In this webinar students were able to learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic and US healthcare system from an epidemiological perspective. Students were able to learn more about the path to pursuing a career in public health. Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed is an American politician, former public health professor, medical doctor, and civil servant.

This webinar enabled students to learn more about the field of public health and epidemiology. A recording of this webinar is not available- please view another webinar below.

General Intelligences x Socio-emotional WellBeing and Imposter Syndrome Workshop

April, 2021

In this workshop students were able to learn about what imposter syndrome is and how to destigmatize asking and receiving help. Students were able to walk through examples and signs of burnout. We also discussed how to prioritize your wellbeing as a student and as a learner.

This webinar enabled students to hear about what imposter syndrome is and how to prioritize their socioemotional wellbeing.

General Intelligences x Biostatistics Webinar

April, 2021

In this webinar, students were able to hear from Noah Simon who is an Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Washington. Professor Simon works on machine learning (including penalized regression and classification), efficient algorithms in high dimensional spaces, shrinkage estimation and clinical trial design.

This webinar enabled students to hear about what its like to work on biostatistics and how to apply things like ML to a variety of fields.

General Intelligences x Neurology & Biomedical Engineering Webinar

March, 2021

In this webinar, students were able to hear from Dr. Daniel Leventhal, Md, PhD who is an Assistant Professor of Neurology in the Movement Disorders division. His primary clinical duties are at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, where he co-directs the Deep Brain Stimulation program for Movement Disorders. His practice there focuses on the treatment of Parkinson Disease, tremor disorders, dystonia, and related syndromes.

This webinar enabled students to hear about the MD-PhD career path, current literature and research on Parkinson’s Disease and obtaining degrees in biomedical engineering and physics. The webinar was not recorded, however, refer to the video below for a brief summary on the research discussed.

General Intelligences x Congresswoman Webinar

March, 2021

In this webinar, students were able to hear from Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, a UM alumna and Representative for Illinois’ 14th District. She is the youngest African-American woman in congress. Congresswoman Underwood serves on the House Committee on Education and Labor, the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, and the House Committee on Homeland Security. Committee. Rep. Underwood is a member of the Future Forum, a group of young Democratic Members of Congress committed to listening to and standing up for the next generation of Americans, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the LGBT Equality Caucus. As a strong supporter of addressing the gun violence epidemic, Congresswoman Underwood is a member of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce.

This webinar enabled students to hear from the inspirational Rep. Underwood on health policy and the ACA (affordable care act) along with the opportunity to ask questions. The recording is not made available at request of event organizers.

General Intelligences x Kaplan Test Prep Webinar

March, 2021

In this webinar, students were able to ask questions from Kaplan representatives on campus about the MCAT. They were able to learn how to prepare for the exam and what to expect. Students were also able to inquire about the responsibilities and duties of becoming a student Kaplan rep and how to apply.

This webinar enabled students to plan for the rigorous MCAT exam and how to organize their active learning time. At the company’s request, no recording is available.

General Intelligences Interviewing 101 Workshop

March, 2021

In this workshop, students were able to learn crucial skills on how to be successful in any interview. We discussed strategies on how to formulate responses, general rules of thumb and ways to make sure that you stand out.

This workshop enabled students to cultivate their interview skills and to develop thoughtful responses to common interview questions.

General Intelligences March Opportunities Workshop

March, 2021

In this workshop students were able to learn about upcoming opportunities to apply for for this spring and summer term. There was also the opportunity to ask questions on how to be a competitive internship applicant.

This workshop enabled students to think about their plans for the spring and summer and to create an action plan moving forward.

General Intelligences x MSUCOM Student Webinar

March, 2021

In this webinar students were able to learn more about pursuing a career as a DO as well as what it means to be a nontraditional student. Students were able to ask questions about courses, career trajectory and more from Kylie Taphouse a current MSUCOM DO student.

This webinar enabled students to consider the benefits of a gap year and to destigmatize taking one while also learning more about OMM and what it takes to be a DO. This webinar was not recorded, for more information on MSUCOM please refer to the account below.

General Intelligences x PrepMatch Webinar

March, 2021

In this webinar students were able to learn more about this Canadian startup and how it got started. Furthermore, students were able to learn about building an organization, pitching and the services offered by the organization.

This webinar enabled students to consider making changes in their own communities to solve current challenges.

General Intelligences Workshop Linkedin 101

February 20th, 2021 6pm EDT

In this workshop students were able to learn how to utilize Linkedin. Furthermore, students were able to discern the different features of the professional networking site and learn about ways to maximize their networks. Students were able to follow through with multiple case study examples that explored common DOs and DONTS.

This workshop allowed students to consider their personal career goals and aspirations and to develop their social capital using Linkedin.

General Intelligences x Kaplan Test Prep Medical School Admissions Officers Q&A Webinar

February 18th, 2021 6pm EDT

In this webinar students were able to learn how to approach medical school applications. Furthermore, students were able to discern the different components to applying to graduate programs like MD degrees but also dual degree programs such as MD-MBA ; MD-PHD ; MD- JD and more. Students were able to ask questions about how the application process for graduate programs has changed due to COVID-19.

This webinar empowered students to consider ways to make the best use of their own time and what to consider when applying to graduate programs in the upcoming year.

General Intelligences To PhD or Not to PhD Webinar Panel

January 17th, 2021 5pm EDT

In this webinar we covered everything you need to know about what a PhD entails, requires and whether or not you should consider applying for a PhD program. It also went over ways to make sure you are a strong candidate for PhD programs and what to keep in mind when you are considering or at your program. Our two speakers earned their PhDs in 2016 and 2020 respectively with the former in Management and the latter in Biological Sciences.

This workshop allowed students to consider their personal career goals and aspirations and to uncover if their personal motivations and financial goals lead to earning a PhD.

General Intelligences Side Hustles Workshop

January 10th, 2021 6pm EDT

In this webinar we covered everything you need to know about what a side hustle is, can be and how to get started on making money off of them. We went over different motivations for side hustles, ways to make sustainable impacts and some of the stats surrounding how and why people opt to undertake side hustles.

This workshop allowed students to consider their personal talents and skillsets, ask questions about their own initiatives and learn how to take their passions and turn them into money making avenues.

General Intelligences College Application Workshop

September 16th, 2020 6pm EDT

In this webinar we covered everything you need to know about college applications and how to make sure you put your best foot forward. We discussed the fundamentals: extracurriculars, navigating the applications and essays.

This workshop allowed students to draft their Common App Essays, brainstorm potential essay topics and to ask questions and receive feedback on their writing.

General Intelligences x Trifecta Medical Education Pre-Med Webinar Panel

August 23, 2020 5pm EDT

In this webinar we covered everything you need to know about being pre-med and a rough timeline to follow and adapt. We were able to answer a lot of the submitted questions that we received prior to the webinar!

This workshop was done in collaboration with Trifecta Medical Education’s John Corvi, Alex Hahn and Brandon Smith who are all current medical students at Drexel University College of Medicine. Our other panelist, Ruby Silvera, studied in the UK for undergrad and will be applying to US Medical Schools.

General Intelligences x An Nisa : Resume Workshop

August 22, 2020 6pm EDT

In this webinar we covered everything you need to know about creating an amazing Resume. This workshop was interactive and we went through examples with the audience in a step-by-step manner to ensure that learning was taking place! This workshop was not just for students, but also for adults looking to go back into the workplace or to join the workforce in the United States- potentially for the first time.

This workshop was done in collaboration with An Nisa which is an amazing organization housed in Texas that provides support for Women and Families that need support due to domestic violence, recent immigration as refugees and more.

General Intelligences Law School Webinar Panel

August 13, 2020 5pm EDT

In this webinar, we had the opportunity to hear from several lovely panelists at different stages in their law careers. We heard from undergraduates, current law students and interns, while also hearing from current lawyers in Personal Injury Law and Real Estate Law (Harvard Law grad!).

General Intelligences x Space 4 Us
Business Career Panel

August 2, 2020 6pm EDT

Space 4 Us is a San Francisco based nonprofit organization that connects underprivileged young people with professional resources.

In this webinar we had the opportunity to hear from several lovely panelists that are current students, interns and trailblazers. A lot of our speakers have started their own initiatives as well as successful small businesses. Students were able to learn business-specific advice along with academic, pre-professional and social advice as well.
Trevaughn Wright Reynolds: Trevaughn Wright Reynolds is a rising junior at Colby College studying Math with a concentration in Statistics with a minor in managerial economics. He previously has participated in the Citi Freshman Discovery program and the Accelerator Summer Business Institute at Vanderbilt University. He is currently a Summer Analyst Intern at Citi.
Desire Forte: Desire J. Forte is an Oakland-based social entrepreneur. She’s headed into her fifth year as a multi-business operator: and her focus is generating opportunities for other youth entrepreneurs. You can find her @BIZStoop and @DamnGoodTeas! Since 2015, the BIZ Stoop has been able to acquire nearly $80k in small grants and contracts to leverage equitable resourcing options for Black/Afro-Diaspora youth. “​What does BIZ stand for? – Black Intergenerational Zeal; Our vision is to exponentially increase the life expectancy of Black youth beyond the age of 25 years – by way of access. Our mission is to retain high opportunity youth from Oakland, and streamline them into prospective career paths. Essentially we generate “earn your keep” options for high opportunity youth in Oakland, CA
Dhruvi Contractor: Dhruvi Contractor is a honors student at the University of Florida with a major in Finance and a minor in Real Estate also intending on pursuing a Masters in Finance. She previously participated in the Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp & Spring Insight Series, JP Morgan’s Commercial Banking Winning Women & Corporate Strategy Women’s Summit, RBC’s Investment Banking Immersion Workshop, Bank of America’s Empowering through Diversity Summit, Morgan Stanley’s Inside Access Day, and Wells Fargo’s Junior Leaders Conference. She is President at Unifi, a non-profit, and was an Intern for Crowd for Angels–a UK crowdfunding platform.

General Intelligences x Breaking Book Barriers
Free Resources for Standardized Prep, Textbooks & Courses and How to Find Them

July 31, 2020 5pm EDT

Breaking Book Barriers is a non-profit with the goal of mitigating educational barriers to success around test-prep books. They organize book drives and free exchanges, so that students that need AP or SAT/ACT materials can have access for a fair price.

In this webinar, we went over free websites and sites we recommend for studying and success. We also delved into the cost-prohibitive nature of standardized testing and the “hidden costs” of college. Attendees were provided with a bunch of proactive ways to alleviate these costs.

General Intelligences x Intern Net
Internship and Job Seeking Skills

July 25, 2020 5pm EDT

Internship and Job Seeking skills are absolutely crucial to landing a position. This webinar went through different ways to ensure that you stand out from a competitive pool of applicants. It provided resume tips, cold-emailing advice and more.

General Intelligences x KNOW Movement
Scholarships: How to Find and Win Them

July 18, 2020 3pm EDT

In this webinar we covered everything you need to know about several full-ride scholarships from students that have earned them including Gates, Questbridge and more.

This workshop was down in collaboration with KNOW Movement’s subsidiary organization College Pathways US.

General Intelligences x Launch Negotiation
Empowering Women: How to Properly Negotiate

July 18, 2020 6pm EDT

Launch Negotiation LTD was founded by award-winning negotiator Donna Hughes, Launch Negotiation delivers workshops across Europe and North America that engage, educate and empower you to harness your innate negotiation potential and drive business profitability and performance. 

This webinar was attended entirely by female identifying individuals ranging in age from high school to business professionals. It provided all attendees with useful takeaway skills on how to be more assertive and to recognize self worth.

General Intelligences x Women in STEM
Research- How to Land a Position and Engage in Research at any stage

July 5 2020 4pm EDT

In 2017, Women in STEM was founded at the University of Chicago Lab Schools as a mechanism to bridge the gap between social justice and academic fields. Recognizing the issue was the foundation for our work that followed. Translating discussion and theory to concrete action and passionate activism ultimately became the primary focus of our organization in the forms of various initiatives. Since March of 2017, we have been developing dually-driven approaches in which we tackle both the attitudes surrounding women in STEM and also the limited opportunities available in high school, especially for girls. We support on several programs, including facilitating constructive discussions, bringing in guest speakers, and partnering with universities to match high school students with college students in a mentorship program.

Our guest speakers included an ISEF Finalist, Researcher at University of Michigan Medicine, SMP Student Researcher and a Nobel Prize Recipient Professor from University of Toronto.

General Intelligences x Nice for What Movement: Panel Webinar How to Advocate for Yourself in Professional, Academic, Social and Relationship Settings

June 28, 2020 5pm EDT

#niceforwhatmvmt is a movement and celebration of everyone’s inner child. Growing up and going through life is difficult for everyone. The process of creating your adult identity is rough and can lead to you losing who you used to be.

This webinar had the goal of teaching individuals, regardless of identity, to become better advocates for themselves in their workplaces, life and relationships. Our panelists included a professor from California State-Fullerton, Deloitte Intern, Bowdoin Financial Aid Representative and a Marketing Associate for Kaiser Permanente.

General Intelligences x Codefy: Coding 101: How to Get Started with Coding!

June 28, 2020 4pm EDT

Codefy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing equal educational opportunities to students who want to learn more about computer science, regardless of their grade or age. In light of current events, we are hoping to give back to our community by offering free workshops for students who want to learn how to code

This workshop was a primer on deciding what language to start with and how to go about learning that language. This was also an opportunity to show how CS is very interconnected with other fields and disciplines and is growing as an in demand skill.

General Intelligences x Global Guru: Effective Studying Techniques- Maximizing Efficiency

June 27, 2020 5pm EDT

Global Guru is an organization that seeks to supplement students’ education with interactive, live online classes which will help them succeed and advance their learning at a personal level.We hope to make education available for everyone while developing a self-motivated network of teachers and learners. Our long term goal is to increase global accessibility by recruiting students and teachers from all across the United States and the rest of the world.

This webinar went over how to be more effective at studying for your courses and went through techniques that help you to determine what type of a learner you are and how to best adapt your study routine to that.

General Intelligences x Empolitics
Workshop: How to be An Effective Ally & Avoid Performative Activism

June 19, 2020 4pm EDT

Empolitics is a youth-led organization based in California. It was started by three high-school students who realized the disparity in women representation in the political sphere. In fact, women account for just under 25% of all national parliamentarians (UN).  Majority of attendees identified as coming from PWIs.

This was an open, but guided discussion and forum for individuals to learn more about Performative Activism and how to support BIPOC community members. This event was not recorded out of respect for the thoughts and personal stories shared.

General Intel x Vitality Volunteers
Virtual Volunteering Opportunities Webinar

May 30, 2020 5pm EDT

About Vitality Volunteers: Our mission is to help connect volunteers to organizations across the United States to improve the health of the community and increase awareness of diseases.

This was our very first webinar and we had more than 120 students attend (with more than 300+ signed up). This webinar covered how to find virtual volunteering opportunities and highlighted some amazing organizations that can use volunteers and a helping hand.