Fundamentals of Acid-Base Chemistry

Acid-Base chemistry is a fundamental concept prevalent in college level chemistry courses. Here is an introductory guide to understanding acid-base chemistry.

My Experience at CUNY-Hunter College

My personal experience at CUNY- Hunter College located at 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY.

Virtual Volunteering: Tutor K-12 Students Whose Parents are Medical/Hospital Staff in NYC During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Columbia Volunteer Tutor Corps

The General Intelligence(s) team came across a post on Instagram from Columbia Volunteer Tutor Corps. We believe that their mission and goals align well with our organization and thus we wanted to communicate their initiative. Columbia Volunteer Tutor Corps is currently recruiting volunteers that can teach different K-12 subjects and courses to students in the NYC area that are the children of medical staff and hospital workers.

Organic Chemistry I: Crash Course Part 5

The last portion of the organic chemistry I crash course involves Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution which is a crucial reason why benzenes are so stable!

Organic Chemistry I: Crash Course Part 4

In this portion, I have made a chart to keep track of some very common reactions and mechanisms for Organic Chemistry I.

Organic Chemistry I: Crash Course Part 2

In this portion of the series we will be talking about acid-base chemistry and mechanisms.

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