Enrolling in College Courses: The Do’s and Dont’s

With another semester coming to an end, many students are beginning to plan for the next enrollment period which marks the beginning of a new semester. Even if you are not in college yet, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the college enrollment process.

Combatting The Duck Syndrome

Today, I will be discussing ways of combatting the Duck Syndrome.

Fruitful Tips When Applying For Work-Study Jobs

In this blog today, I will share my experience of applying to work-study jobs and give you guys some helpful tips if you are still in the process of applying!

Why Joining Online Extracurriculars May Not Be So Bad

In this post, I will be discussing why joining online extracurriculars may not be so bad – especially during these tumultuous times.

The Value and Rewarding Position of Being a Tutor: Why You Should Begin Tutoring Students

Being a tutor is valuable to you, as well as your tutees. You’re able to expand your own knowledge and grow as an individual. Read more about the benefits of being a tutor!

What Classes To Take If You’re a Pre-Law Student

With the new school year nearing college students, course registration and choosing classes can be a overwhelming. Wether you’re set on pursuing law school in the future or even slightly intrigued by the idea of law school, here are some courses that you might want to take in the near future!

How To Cope With Perfectionism

In today’s blog, I will be discussing what is perfectionism, how it can be detrimental to your mental health, and ways to overcome your perfectionist tendencies.

Combating Hunger On the United States College Campus

In today’s blog, I will be discussing what is food insecurity, how much of a problem it has become for many college students, and ways to combat food insecurity and unstable housing on campus. 

OP-ED: Does Eliminating Standardized Testing Help First-Generation and Low-Income Students?

Recently, the entire University of California announced that it would be going test-optional. It has been a long held belief that standardized testing puts low-income students and students from underserved communities at a disadvantage in the college admissions process. Yet, how can we begin to level a playing field that has been irrevocably damaged from the start?

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