How COVID-19 Transformed the College Experience for FGLI Students

With colleges announcing their plans for the upcoming school year, many students are left with feelings of uncertainty. For students attending college in New York City, the pandemic has presented new challenges and norms that students were never prepared for.

Getting Involved on Campus…Online

As the fall semester approaches with thousands of students attending their first semesters online, you might be thinking: how on earth am I going to get involved? After all, much of the college charm is finding “your people” and many people do this by finding friends with common interests in clubs and extracurriculars. However, with the lack of in-person instruction and activities, this will definitely be a challenge. But there’s still hope.

August Scholarships: 6 Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines You Should Not Miss Out On

Here’s a list I compiled of scholarships I found that don’t have a lot of requirements regarding GPA or major requirements, so they can be applicable for many people. The deadlines for these scholarships are soon, so keep an eye out!

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