College During Covid – Vanderbilt

College During Covid! Questions for freshman college students about their journey to college and current experience with it. This week’s edition is centered around Vanderbilt.

The Opportunities Available to a Human Development Major

Some opportunities discussed may be specific to the Cornell University Human Development major plan. However, the job prospects and general experience is universal.

How I Stayed Organized (and Survived) my Freshman Year at an Ivy League Institution

These time management tips serve as a guide for college students. Given that there is not a fixed lifestyle routine in college, prioritization and organization are the foundations of success.

University of Toronto: A General Survival Guide

University of Toronto. You either associate it with the “Harvard of Canada” or hear “Good luck maintaining a stable mental health.” But once you’ve enrolled, regardless of whether you’re an international student or not, you can’t help but feel exhilarated and anxious.

My First-Year Adventure at Cornell University

To the class of 2020, I can’t imagine having to start your first year of college amidst the historical and eye opening events of this year. Remember you are stronger than you think and I hope you can find some comfort in this article, followed by some highlighted advice.

Getting Involved in College: Texas Tech University

Advice on how to get involved on your campus and what opportunities I came across at Texas Tech University.

University of Florida: What I Wish I Knew my Freshman Year

As a student who moved to a new area and just started living in a dorm with people, who I just met, life at college was a huge change to me. Being a Pre-med student did not help with alleviating that stress. Throughout my first two years at the University of Florida, I have learned a great deal of things I wish I had learned earlier when I was first starting college.

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