Why You Shouldn’t Overload Your Freshman Schedule

As someone who just finished their freshman year of university and has seen what kind of a nightmare scheduling can be, I thought that I would highlight the importance of NOT overdoing your first term as a college freshman. Your advisors will emphasize this, but with the effects of the ongoing pandemic and all, it’s possible that someone hasn’t yet, and scheduling your classes is something you might be doing around this time. 

A Freshman Guide to Haverford College

My first year at Haverford College ended today along with the last exam of my two-week-long finals period. While I know that the incoming class of 2024 will have a drastically different experience from those in my class year, I think some things will stay the same

University of Florida: What I Wish I Knew my Freshman Year

As a student who moved to a new area and just started living in a dorm with people, who I just met, life at college was a huge change to me. Being a Pre-med student did not help with alleviating that stress. Throughout my first two years at the University of Florida, I have learned a great deal of things I wish I had learned earlier when I was first starting college.

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