Why Go Warrior Strong: My Experience At Wayne State University

Located in the heart of Detroit, Wayne State University is an urban research university. To me, the best part of my experience at Wayne State has been getting to learn about the rich history of Detroit not just through ordinary lectures in the lecture hall but by getting the opportunity to explore and experience the city of Detroit myself. I feel like my positive experience at Wayne State has been driven by the strong network of connections with my peers that I have been able to build and sustain.

OP-ED: Does Eliminating Standardized Testing Help First-Generation and Low-Income Students?

Recently, the entire University of California announced that it would be going test-optional. It has been a long held belief that standardized testing puts low-income students and students from underserved communities at a disadvantage in the college admissions process. Yet, how can we begin to level a playing field that has been irrevocably damaged from the start?

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