50 Questions to Ask Adcoms (and Yourself) About A Medical School

A lot of students will start interviews soon for this years medical school cycle. But, even before you apply to schools it might be a good exercise to see how many of the following questions you have answers to and what points you may not feel comfortable with.

OP-ED: Using Social Media as an Academic Resource

If you’re a student in this day and age, you’re probably on some sort of social media. You might spend a couple of hours every day on it, surfing the web while simultaneously getting your news, entertainment, and social interaction from it. Despite the negative stereotypes attached to social media, it can also be of great benefit. 

The Plight of Imposter Syndrome in the FLI (First-Generation and Low-Income) Community

Imposter syndrome has become a sort of buzzword in the mainstream and it is often joked about or taken lightly. In academia, Imposter Syndrome can often be referred to as Imposter Phenomenon (IP). Mental health has become more commonly spoken about in recent years, and as such IP has also experienced more coverage. IP hasContinue reading “The Plight of Imposter Syndrome in the FLI (First-Generation and Low-Income) Community”

Why Learning a Language Should be a Mandatory K-12 Prerequisite in the United States

In the US only 20% of students learn a foreign language. In some US states the proportion of students studying a language is as low as 9%. Despite this, There is a high demand for foreign language skills among U.S. employers (90 percent) with projections that this need will continue to grow.

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