Salary Negotiation: How To Successfully Negotiate

After receiving a job opportunity, it can be intimidating to try and negotiate your salary. Many people are afraid to even try, assuming that a company’s first offer is their only offer. However, this is not true! If you believe that your work may be worth more depending on past experience or education, it may be worth presenting a counteroffer with some rebuttal points. In addition, even at a job that you are already committed to, there is no harm in bringing up a raise during any performance reviews that you may have. Here are a few tips to get you started! 

Funding Your Future: Apply for the Dell Scholarship and earn FREE money and other support to AVOID student debt

Through the series Funding Your Future, I hope to be able to educate rising high-school seniors on the plethora of financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to students of all kinds. This week, the series will focus on the Dell Scholars program. Along with a general outline of the scholarship, there will also be student interviews from Shantelle Bailey and Taylor Larson near the end to showcase a student perspective and highlight the values of the Dell Scholars program.

I Graduated…. Now What?? ; How the Post-Baccalaureate program came to my rescue.

Not everyone will have their dream job, or even a job for that matter, coming out of college. You might have things left you want to accomplish. All of that is ok. The post-bacc pathway is now offering students wonderful opportunities as they continue to pursue their dreams. I hope after you read this and hear my story you find some sense of calm. The end of college is stressful as it is but should never seem like the end of the world.