Volunteer Opportunities for Pre-Health Students

As a future healthcare provider, it is important to demonstrate the fact you have a willingness to help others both inside and outside of the hospital. When you choose to get involved and do community service work, there are several factors that you should keep in mind:

Modern Solutions: Using Viruses for Medical Treatments

Viruses have always seemed like a danger to human health. From the spanish flu to SAR-CoV-2, viruses have caused global panic and pandemics. Viruses may have the chance to be an unlikely hero as medical professionals expand their potential to transport therapies to specific tissues.

August Scholarships: 6 Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines You Should Not Miss Out On

Here’s a list I compiled of scholarships I found that don’t have a lot of requirements regarding GPA or major requirements, so they can be applicable for many people. The deadlines for these scholarships are soon, so keep an eye out!

Avoiding Performative Activism: How to Support and Educate Yourself #BlackLivesMatter

Performative Activism has become rampant on social media in response to recent events. In this, I go over statistics, books and documentaries to be better informed and what you can do to help.

OP-ED: Should Student Loan Debt be Forgiven for Healthcare Workers?

he American Medical Association (AMA) has proposed to Congress that something needs to be done and has endorsed The Student Loan Forgiveness for Frontline Health Workers Act. The bill would affect all employees that are directly interacting with COVID-19 patients including doctors, nurses, aides, residents, interns and technicians.

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