What I Wish I Knew About Writing My College Resume

The tips and tricks I have learned over the past few years have allowed me to apply to numerous internships and land many positions in healthcare, even as a student with very little experience.

FREE WEBINAR: CTK College Coach “Applying to College During COVID-19”

Are you or do you know a rising senior / current junior in high school? This webinar will help answer your questions on applying during these unprecedented times.

What is Social Capital and How Do You Leverage It To Help You?

When you have built apt social capital you get the feeling that people”have your back” throughout your experiences. Networking does not come with a guarantee of getting something in return, but it can be helpful in ways that you may not expect even if it doesn’t end up in a new job or connection.

Basics of the SAT: Tips, Tricks, and Understanding Your Score

Understand the basics of the SAT before diving into preparing for it! I go over core information about this exam- from when to start studying to breaking down the score.

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