Understanding Basic Methods of Data Collection in Research

There are two main types of data- Primary Data and Secondary Data and each has different methods and sources. Let’s jump right into it and begin by discussing Primary Data.

Op-Ed: How Systems Perpetuate an Epidemic Lack of Initiative

In this op-ed, the author discusses the systems in place that perpetuate a perceived “lack of initiative” on the part of individuals and employees.

How To: Effectively Present Your Research

Whenever you research about a specific topic or topics, it is very essential to always layout your research findings in a well-organized form. Thus, when readers look at your research, they understand the idea and all the findings that you have presented to them. Presenting your research can be done in many forms and ways depending on what type of research you want to present.

Sample Email for Research Opportunities

Are you looking for a research opportunity but don’t know how to ask the primary investigator? We got you! Use this template to guide you when writing an email!

Things to Consider if You’re Taking Classes at Institutions Other Than Your University

Wherever you go to school, there’s bound to be those notable, extremely difficult classes that many majors end up having to take. These classes can bring your GPA down, be unorganized, or simply not at the depth you want to learn the material at. Whatever your reason is, for many of these popular and commonly-taken classes (often prerequisites, but upper-levels are also usually included) you will have options to take these classes elsewhere and fulfill the requirement required by your institution.

Why You Should Consider an All-Women’s College as a FGLI Student

What’s the appeal behind all women’s colleges and why do people choose them over their co-educational counterparts?

Is a Special Masters Program or Post-bacc right for you?

Find out what the difference is between SMP and post-bac programs. Check out a few things to consider and research before committing to a program.

Things I Would Have Told Myself Before College as a Pre-Med Student

erfection is what a lot of us strive for and the transition from high school to college can be a hard one. So today, I thought I would provide some pieces of advice that I wish I would have known going into my freshman year of college as a pre-med student.

I Graduated…. Now What?? ; How the Post-Baccalaureate program came to my rescue.

Not everyone will have their dream job, or even a job for that matter, coming out of college. You might have things left you want to accomplish. All of that is ok. The post-bacc pathway is now offering students wonderful opportunities as they continue to pursue their dreams. I hope after you read this and hear my story you find some sense of calm. The end of college is stressful as it is but should never seem like the end of the world.

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