Funding Your Future: Apply for the Carl’s Junior Scholarship TODAY and save yourself from future college DEBT!

Funding Your Future is a General Intelligence article series focused on connecting high-achieving high-school seniors with large, fall deadline scholarships. This week, the series will be focusing on the Carl’s Junior Scholarship. Make sure to keep reading until the end to hear from Giao Nguyen, a 2020 recipient, and to learn some of her personal tips for future applicants!

Funding Your Future: Apply for the Horatio Alger Association Scholarship today to win FREE MONEY for college!

Funding Your Future is a General Intelligence article series intended to introduce high achieving rising high-school seniors to large, fall-deadline scholarships. This week, Funding Your Future will highlight the Horatio Alger Association scholarship and the many benefits that it could provide future recipients. Make sure to continue reading until the end to see student perspective and advice from Nicholas Rutherford and Josue Herrera Rivera, two recent recipients of the scholarship.

Funding Your Future: Become a Comcast Scholarship Winner TODAY and Earn FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE to AVOID student loan debt!

Funding Your Future is a General Intelligence series designed to bring large, fall-deadline scholarships to the attention of capable and outstanding rising high-school seniors. This week, the series will focus on the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship program. Make sure to stay reading until the end to learn more about the scholarship program from a student perspective!

Funding Your Future: Apply for the Dell Scholarship and earn FREE money and other support to AVOID student debt

Through the series Funding Your Future, I hope to be able to educate rising high-school seniors on the plethora of financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to students of all kinds. This week, the series will focus on the Dell Scholars program. Along with a general outline of the scholarship, there will also be student interviews from Shantelle Bailey and Taylor Larson near the end to showcase a student perspective and highlight the values of the Dell Scholars program.

Funding Your Future: Apply for the Coca Cola Scholarship to Solve Your Student Loan Problem!

Funding Your Future is a series on General Intelligences intended to promote larger, fall-deadline scholarships for rising high school seniors. This way, seniors can access a wide array of scholarships all in one place. I hope that you can use this series as a resource to avoid as much student debt as possible! Read until the end to find out how the Coca Cola scholarship program can help you with both finances and networking, as well as to read the student perspectives of two recent scholarship recipients: Kyle Lambert and Aissa Dearing.

My Experience With Questbridge CO 2023: Brown University

As a College Prep Scholar and College Match Scholar, I give advice over the Questbridge application process.

Want Tuition Paid?: Undergraduates Should Apply to the Microsoft Tuition Scholarship

This is an annual tuition-scholarship for current Undergraduate students studying in the US, Canada or Mexico in a STEM discipline.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Full-Ride Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers a 40,000 per year scholarship for high-achieving students with financial need seeking to attend top-schools.

How I Decided on My College: University of Texas-Dallas

There were a few factors I thought of when deciding between my top two choices. My thorough research helped me find key differences.

Understanding Your FAFSA Financial Aid Award

In this post, we will break down the different components of your official financial aid award notice after you’ve filed your FAFSA.

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