4 Scholarships That Students Should Consider Applying To Before Starting College

Four scholarships that students should apply for to help lessen the financial burden.

Your Next Step After Receiving a Scholarship: Writing a Thank You Letter Expressing Your Gratitude

Congrats, you’ve just received a scholarship! Now you just need to write a thank you letter to the donors. Read about how to write one!

Funding Your Future: Fill Out the Burger King Scholarship Application to Win FREE Money to AVOID Student Debt

Funding Your Future is a General Intelligences series created with the intention of spreading knowledge to high-achieving high-school seniors of large, fall-deadline scholarships. This week, the series focuses on the Burger King scholarship application and everything that it entails. Keep reading until the end to find the student perspective of Allison Tav and Beral Chen, two recipients of the scholarship this past year.

Funding Your Future: How to Make Your Application Stand Out for the Gates Scholarship and win a FREE college education!

Funding Your Future is a series on General Intelligences published with the intention of introducing high achieving students to large, fall-deadline scholarships. Within this article, you will find eligibility and application advice for the Gates Scholarship, as well as advice and perspective from two students who received the Gates Scholarship this past year – Sedonia and Quynh-Thuong. Keep reading to gain great insight into what goes into becoming a Gates Scholar and how to possibly win this competitive scholarship!

August Scholarships: 6 Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines You Should Not Miss Out On

Here’s a list I compiled of scholarships I found that don’t have a lot of requirements regarding GPA or major requirements, so they can be applicable for many people. The deadlines for these scholarships are soon, so keep an eye out!

Funding Your Future: How Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships Help Students Like You Avoid Student Loan Debt!

This week, I want to introduce you to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship, to which I have been a lucky recipient of. Near the end of the article, there will be another student perspective on the award as well as advice on your application.

Want Tuition Paid?: Undergraduates Should Apply to the Microsoft Tuition Scholarship

This is an annual tuition-scholarship for current Undergraduate students studying in the US, Canada or Mexico in a STEM discipline.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Full-Ride Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers a 40,000 per year scholarship for high-achieving students with financial need seeking to attend top-schools.

OP-ED: Should Student Loan Debt be Forgiven for Healthcare Workers?

he American Medical Association (AMA) has proposed to Congress that something needs to be done and has endorsed The Student Loan Forgiveness for Frontline Health Workers Act. The bill would affect all employees that are directly interacting with COVID-19 patients including doctors, nurses, aides, residents, interns and technicians.

Understanding Your FAFSA Financial Aid Award

In this post, we will break down the different components of your official financial aid award notice after you’ve filed your FAFSA.

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