Do You Want to Promote Actual Positive Change? Start by Stopping Performative Activism

Coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests have severely declined these past few weeks even though the momentum of the protests still continues. Read about performative activism’s role in that decline.

3 Tips for Writing College Admission Essays

It’s that time of the year, and rising seniors are usually spending their summer months writing – or at least, thinking – about what their college essay is going to look like. I’ve previously written about ways you can find inspiration for these essays, and in this post, I’ll be talking about general tips for these challenging parts of the college application process.

OP-ED: Using Social Media as an Academic Resource

If you’re a student in this day and age, you’re probably on some sort of social media. You might spend a couple of hours every day on it, surfing the web while simultaneously getting your news, entertainment, and social interaction from it. Despite the negative stereotypes attached to social media, it can also be of great benefit. 

What is Social Capital and How Do You Leverage It To Help You?

When you have built apt social capital you get the feeling that people”have your back” throughout your experiences. Networking does not come with a guarantee of getting something in return, but it can be helpful in ways that you may not expect even if it doesn’t end up in a new job or connection.

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